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Tier architecture

Designing robust system architecture it is critical for the success of the application. All the interconnections between components, their divisions in layers must be the focus of the architecting process. A short history over the application architectures sounds like this: first there were the standalone applications (if they wanted however to manipulate data, they were doing this by acce ...

Logic levels in a software system

A well-designed software application based on the Client/Server model is divided into separate logical parts called layers or levels. Each layer has a different responsibility in the overall architecture. These layers are purely abstractions, and do not correspond to physical distribution. The logic levels and the interconnection between them represent the most common design of a transaction pr ...

Identifying the Software Technology for a System architecture

After identifying the objectives and the principle targets of the system, the wide array of potential technologies available on the market must be taken into analysis for the best usable technology; the evaluation of the technology that can be used while designing the architecture of a system must include a matrix that identifies the technology, the benefits of the technology, and the potentia ...

Fulfill requirements: functional and not-functional

Along with the architecture goals, there also must be taken into consideration non functional requirements, which are critical success factors in developing the architecture. The nonfunctional requirements of the system identify what the system must achieve for itself in order for it to be considered successful. Those requirements differ from the architecture system goals by the fact they a ...

Objectives of the System Architecture

There are some general principles that are usually applied during the architectural process. These principles described bellow, guide the analysis and decision taking that must be performed during the process. The principle is to conceive an architecture that has follows the features described below: . Has clarity - the objective is to create a system that can be easily understood. Even thou ...

Defining the System Architecture concept

The official definition of architecture is the study of design; the differences between design and an architecture is that design can be performed individually, while the architecture is a module, framework that can be applied in general situations with specific features. Architecting something means arrangements of parts or structure in a proper order. This is no difference to the case of comput ...

TCP/IP protocol - communication protocol

The term TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol, otherwise translated as the communication protocol for communication between computers connected to the Internet. The standard TCP/IP-a communication protocol- is a package of rules descriptions regarding the communication between computers, how should they be connected to the Internet and how should data be transmitt ...

HTTP Response

. Protocol + Status code + Description Ex: HTTP/1.1 200 OK o the first line (or initial line) in the response output the HTTP protocol name/version, the response status code and the reason phrase describing the status code . Response headers o The headers are similar to the response headers, containg information about the content of the message body(Content-type, Content-Length) and may ...

HTTP Request

. Request Method + URI + Protocol/Version Ex: GET /stone/index.jsp HTTP/1.1 o many request methods can be used in the header of a request: GET, HEAD, POST, OPTIONS, PUT, DELETE, TRACE  GET is the most simple and used method that retrieves data identified in the URL; if the URL refers to a script (CGI, servlet, etc) it returns the data produced by the script. o The URI specifie ...

HTTP protocol

The name of HTTP protocol comes from Hyper Text Transfer protocol and basically is the protocol that allows servers and browser to exchange data on the Internet. Being a protocol that is used in client/server model system architecture, it is designed for treating and managing the requests and replies from clients, respective servers. It is the standard protocol that is used on the World-Wide-Web ...

Models in distributed Systems

The basic models for distributed system are Message Passing and Client/Server. Message Passing is the basic Distributed System paradigm for building distributed systems and refers to the communication methods between processes located on different hosts. For their communication, a specific protocol is need. The steps in this communication are that the sender process sends a request and the rec ...

Distributed Systems

A more concrete definition of a Distributed System is the following: a distributed system is a collection of computing resources autonomous, interconnected via a network, like Internet World-Wide-Web whose distribution is transparent to the user that sees the system as a single coherent one. The system appears as one local machine functionality, being in a contrast to a specific network, in wh ...

E-learning categories

Taking into consideration all these factors that directly influence the context in which the e-learning is being more and more developed, I will present next the categories of the E-Learning, taken by the inter-relation perspective. In few words, the terms found in the scheme are explained below: a) Courses: The main manifestation focus of the E-Learning; courses are subject modules, in which ...

E-Learning characteristics

Why is the E-learning form of school so useful and what could be the reasons for someone to join this kind of learning? In the next paragraphs the main points and benefits will be enchased. Another way of putting into words the term of E-learning System (or Virtual Education System) consists in a planned activity and experience two-dimensional of learning-teaching, organized by an institution or ...

E-Learning history

Thus, E-earning domain directly resulted from the development of communication techniques and started its popularity since 1980'. E-Learning is an approach to facilitate and enhance learning through both computer and communications technology. The term covers a wide set of applications and processes underneath the domains of Web-based learning, computer-based learning, On-line Learning and Distanc ...

Specific view: ELRN project

The problem statement which the ELRN project is based upon is the following: the problem of necessity of continuously improving one\ s knowledge affects all individuals that wish to learn and/or develop their present abilities but the impact of which is due to everyday activities they are unable to attend classic forms of learning, a successful solution would be an alternative form of teaching/ ...

Java Script

E un limbaj de scripting la nivel de client, suportat de majoritatea browserelor actuale si este folosit pentru a realiza interactiunea cu utilizatorul prin afisare de mesaje si interogarea in vederea alegerii unei decizii, pentru validarea anumitor campuri si verificarea valorilor, imbunatatirea designului,crearea de cookiuri si multe altele[5. In ceea ce priveste asemanarea intre Java si JavaSc ...

HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

HTML este un limbaj de formatare a textului de tip static. In esenta un document HTML-ul este un fisier text cate contine numai si numai text. Cand un browser deschide un fisier HTML, acesta se uita la codul HTML din text si il foloseste pentru a schimba layout-ul, sa insereze imagini sau sa creeze linkuri spre alte pagini. Intrucat HTML-ul este doar un fisier text el poate fi scris chiar si de ed ...

Arhitectura 3-tier

Arhitectura 3-tier a aparut ca o imbunatatire a arhitecturii pe doua nivele care s-a dovedit ineficienta in timp pentru aplicatii mai mari. Prin introducerea unui nivel intermediar intre aplicatia client si baza de date se poate spori performanta, imbunatatind disponibilitatea aplicatiei, ea devenind mai robusta. Acest nivel de mijloc contine elemente de logica a aplicatiei, putand fiind constitu ...

Modele de arhitectura

Conceptul de nivele de arhitectura ofera un mod convenabil de a grupa diferite clase, de a modela structura unei aplicatii intr-un mod cand mai unitar. Voi prezenta in cele ce urmeaza diferite modele de arhitecturi software, care se bazeaza pe cele trei nivele: . Nivelul de prezentare (presentation tier ) - care reprezinta interfata cu utilizatorul si care se afla deasupra celorlalte nivele . ...

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